Plaid . THIEMANN . WATERDROPS . honey yelow
Inspired by Elsa Thiemann's photograms. Interpreted by Antje Rauner and produced in Italy. Published by muse for the design shop Bauhaus Dessau.
The photographer and graphic artist Elsa Thiemann (née Franke) was a student at the Bauhaus from 1929 to 1931. Among others, Josef Albers and the photographer Walter Peterhans. In 1929, in response to a call for proposals from the second Bauhaus director, Hannes Meyer, Elsa Thiemann created several unusual wallpaper designs, for which she used a series of photograms. Plants, nails, scraps of paper - Elsa Thiemann's joy in experimenting knows no bounds.
The template for our plaid made of fine wool was Elsa Thiemann's "most modern" photogram - the water drops.
  • 124 x 154 cm . 100% wool . Design by Antje Rauner . Woven in Italy . Photo: Katharina Behling
  • © muse store
  • 1216119594
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