Stool 89a . THONET . Margaretha 2 . Dark red
As one of three artists in residence in the Bauhaus anniversary year in 2019, Jay Gard designed three editions of Marcel Breuer's "Bauhaus-Hockers" from 1926. Created in cooperation with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Thonet GmbH. The starting point for his color concept was Grete (Margaretha) Reichardt's design for a children's room carpet from 1929, which is exhibited as a reproduction from 1977 in the Bauhaus Dessau Collection. Based on the analysis of the colors, a color series of 30 nuances was created, which in turn form the basis for the composition of the circular elements. Jay Gard first transferred the colors to carrier plates in his own workshop. The individual segments were cut out of the carrier plate by laser and then joined together to form inlays. This traditionally handcrafted handling of the physical color element on the one hand and the almost scientific-looking development of serial color studies are the two poles of tension in Jay Gard's edition. With his combination of analysis, design and art, he stands entirely in the tradition of the Bauhaus. Jay Gard lives and works in Berlin. (Image: Henriette Funke)
  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 39 cm . Frame in stainless steel look . laser-cut plywood inlay . hand painted . limited edition of 30 copies . Autographed
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