U-BOOT IM GARTEN . Bauhaus Kinderbuch
U-BOOT IM GARTEN . Bauhaus Kinderbuch

Not only famous architects like Walter Gropius or Carl Fieger were inventive, Lotte and Max are also creative and have ideas about how they want to live. They build a cave, meet an interior designer, and choose fabrics, colours and materials for their new nursery. They also learn a lot about Georg Muche's 'steel house'. Muche, a well-known Bauhaus master builder, was looking for a practical material and decided to use steel. When he constructed his neat container, located near the Bauhaus Dessau-Törten settlement, he had help from a nearby vaulting company. With porthole windows and a flat roof, the white house looks like a small steel submarine. Max and Lotte are very interested in the experimental buildings of Bauhaus and their father tells them fascinating stories. The 'Haus Am Horn', the Kupfer or the Junkers housing estates captures their imagination. Aren't they, just like the architects, looking for the 'right material'? Always wondering what to use, cardboard and wool or sticks and wire? Lotte and Max try it all: designing the interior and exterior of a house, building small models inside a shoebox for their nursery or a hut in the garden. The third volume of illustrated Bauhaus books encourages curiosity, inspires the reader to participate and engages children in creating their own inventive designs inside a simple cardboard box.

  • Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
  • Wie kommt das U-Boot in den Garten? . Kinder entdecken die Bauhaus-Architektur
  • Seemann Verlag, 2017
  • 978-3-86502-397-1
  • 1216107314
  • 20,5x22x1cm . 54 pages . hardcover
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