bottle . THEODOR BOGLER . Essig
bottle . THEODOR BOGLER . Essig

Designed in 1923 for the Haus am Horn. Recently restored in the ceramics workshop of the Maria Laach monastery, where Father Theodor Bogler ran the workshop from the late 1920s until his death in 1968. The workshop in Maria Laach attaches great importance to the materials from the region and the original recipes for the glazes. The Bogler cans from Maria Laach are easily recognizable by their lighter and somewhat duller tone, which corresponds particularly well to the zeitgeist of the 1920s. © Maria Laach

  • Theodor Bogler
  • ESSIG (vinegar)
  • Monastery Maria Laach
  • 1216112221
  • Aus Westerwälder Feinsteinzeug gegossen · innen und außen matt weiß glasiert · mit typischem Schriftzug · Höhe 28 cm · Durchmesser 10,5 cm · Volumen ca. 1 l
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